Esena Family 14X20 Pillow 1

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Dating back centuries, Indian women stitched together old saris to create large blankets and floor cloths. We attentively select each quilt, typically 60-80 years old, with an eye toward material integrity and unusual beauty. Aloka quilts are shampooed then softened before we bring them to our shop in Atlanta where we cut and stitch pillows and custom cushions. You’ll know it’s an Aloka pillow by the way it feels.

These are high quality, vintage pieces. We embrace the charm of the little imperfections and the texture created over time and take photos in natural light and with limited editing to reflect its condition.

Sometimes we find an unusual batch of quilts, so pristine in condition, quality and pattern design that we purchase the very limited supply, as was the case with these vintage, hand-stitched quilts. We covered the quilts in our botanical based pigments then turned them into pillows. 

Fabric: Repurposed textile front and back (mostly cotton).

Care: Dry clean recommended. If preferred, gentle wash cold and air dry. No bleach. Do not wash insert. 

Insert: 90/10 feather-down

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