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Dating back centuries, Indian women stitched together old saris to create large blankets and floor cloths. We attentively pick each quilt, typically 60-80 years old, with an eye toward material integrity and unusual beauty. You’ll know it’s an aloka quilt by the way it feels. Our one-of-a-kind quilts are shampooed multiple times then softened so it’s easy to snuggle with, never crunchy, and yet durable enough to use for upholstery. 

Condition: These are high-quality vintage pieces. We embrace the charm of the little imperfections and the texture created over time and take photos in natural light and with limited editing to reflect its condition. 

Color Variation: We achieve general consistency in our color offerings, but each over-dye quilt is one-of-a-kind, with some variations quilt-to-quilt that we consider beautiful. 

Fabric: Repurposed textile (mostly cotton)

Size: 57” x 88”

Weight: Midweight

Cute detail alert: the smallest hot pink and green tassels on every corner

Origin: Sourced and prepared in India. Shipped from our Atlanta studio.

Care: Dry clean recommended. If preferred, machine wash cold on gentle cycle and air dry.